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Comment: I am in very desparate need!...

jchowardjr started this conversation
Note: This aidpage was started as a comment on "Emil on Aidpage"

I am in very desparate need! My emploment situation just ended and I have no insurance for me and my family. My wife has left and filed for divorced me in my time of need. I still have my step son My step son, Willie Bo Dean (step son) broke his leg in a freak accident and we are hurting for cash and food. I need at least $10,000 for food shelter and bills. That would tie us over until I find other employment. If you know anyone or would like to help send to: J.C. Howard PO Box 616531 Orlando, Fl. 32861-6531 Email: Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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I know and feel what your living threw I really am in posistion to help you but I can say one thing you live through all this and acept the fact you have nothing in time and yes you dream of what you once had and think back to that from time to time but then you know you have nothing and you do your best to be happy with nothing this is my storie I lost my job and home in Iowa after that I was unemployed for so long the last straw came when my home was robbed and I lost most of my belongings and my best friend in the world my mother past away I sold my house and payed off all my debts cause i was paying bills with credit cards so i would not loose my home the house my dog patch grow up so many family memories lived there thats when I pick up my doggies packed my car with what I had left and moved to colorado and landed a job still was not making it there cause of the high cost of living and have spent much of time sleeping in my car. Never once felt bad always knew some how god would take of me now i am in new mexico i have a part time job but would like a full time job i applied at maxicare I hope they call me soon working with developmental disabilities  My adult children have been through so much with losing  their he died and then their mom going threw what i have been through they have been through more than most people experience in a lifetime. They are the best kids any mother could ask for, My children are my life, and so are my grandchildren I would love any help for them to have a good Christmas.and I would love to moving money to get to florida so I can live with my daughter and her husband. .Economy has hit me hard,  I  struggling to pay bills, let alone provide any type of Christmas for my adult children and my grandchildren.

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